My Priorities for the Treasurer's Office

I am running for State Treasurer because of my strong experience in Finance, from entry level to the executive level. As the former Chief Finance Officer and Budget Director for the State Treasurer’s office, I’ll be ready to lead the office on day one. In addition, I have 4 years of military service, which has enhanced my abilities to see more options to simple and complex tasks.


My 5 Point Plan for the Treasurer's Office:


1. Request a current audit and review prior audits to reveal any deficiencies and correct those items plus review the policies and procedures and update where necessary. For far too long the State Treasurer's office and its reputation has come under scrutiny, let's change the culture once and for all. 


2. Review current staff positions to insure that each employee has the credentials, knowledge and training for their position, to cross check on all fiscal entries relevant to the State Treasurer’s Office. We need an efficient office that will work for all New Mexicans. 


3. Restore the broken relationship with NM State Personnel Office. Just one year into my opponent's term, the agency cut ties with the Treasurer's office due inappropriate and sexist remarks. I will build strong and healthy relationships with all state agencies and treat everyone with dignity and respect. 


4. Being Responsible to the taxpayer. A State Treasurer who will be fiscally responsible, as the state's banker, we need strong accountability and transparency. I will end duplicate services that are already provided by state agencies. No more large out-of-office contracts, or extravagant pay raises. I will never misuse taxpayer funds for lavish trips across the country. 


5. Increase Overnight deposits. The State Treasurer has the ability to make overnight deposits which will earn the state additional funds. I want to insure that these investments are made often which will reap additional much needed funds towards the operation of state business. 


My opponent's troubling record: 


Less than one year into his term as State Treasurer, the office of State Personnel cut ties with the State Treasurer's office for the first time in state history. According to a KRQE Investigative reporter Gabrielle Burkhart, and ABQ Journal Investigative reporter Thomas J. Cole, Eichenberg was accused of making sexist and racial remarks to SPO employees, while calling younger employees 'babies'.

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KOB 4 Investigative reporter Jen French looked into Tim Eichenberg's spending habits of using taxpayer money for lavish hotels on the taxpayer’s dime while lawmakers were making deep cuts to education and state services. Over $6,800 used by Eichenberg to stay at the 'Four Seasons' and 'Mandarin Oriental', where rooms cost over $600 per night. 

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After the office of State Personnel cut ties with Eichenberg, he wasted taxpayer money in buying duplicated services. KRQE Investivagive reporter Kim Holland found that Eichenberg hired outside lawyers to handle human resource matters. She found that he payed various lawyers over $160 an hour to duplicate services. 

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Just one year into his job as State Treasurer, Tim Eichenberg handed out hefty pay raises to executive employees, KRQE Investigative reporter Matt Grubbs found. In addition, the office was down nearly 1 quarter of its employees. One employee saw a 46% pay raise from $72,000 to $105,000 per year. 

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