Experience that matters

I am officially the Republican nominee to be your next State Treasurer of the State of New Mexico. 


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As the former Chief Finance Officer for the State of New Mexico, I have the experience to lead the Treasurer's office on day one. I am not a career politician, and do not have future political ambitions, that is why I will best serve the people of New Mexico. 


The Treasurer's office

The Treasurer’s office is mandated to do is protect state funds, insure that the funds are available for proper distribution and to safely invest funds to get the highest return on investments. The most important of these processes is safety. Since I am not a career politician and have never run for public office, I have very few obstacles in the performance of this office such as I am not indebted to any politician, union or any other organization that could influence the legislative process. Also I do not have any future political ambitions, I just what to do the job with more objectivity, with fewer or no outside self-serving influences.


Because Treasurer's prior have their own way of conducting business my first priority is to review prior year’s audits as to know where the office is regarding compliance with laws, statutes and regulations. I will study the working relationships between the internal departments to insure that each understands how and why they their positions are so vital to the smooth operations of the entire treasurer’s office. I intend to review the interactions between the State Investment Council, the state’s financial agencies, the states IT department and other IT systems that require exchange of information.


I will change only policies and procedures that require changing to maintain compliance and are working effectively.  I will not reinvent the wheel, just make the necessary alignments. I will hire only the most competent staff in the department they will be overseeing. I will encourage continuing education and cross training for all employees.  There may be other areas that may need updating that I will address when in office.  I want the State Treasurer’s office to be able to have a positive interaction relationship with all the state agencies.