Experience that matters


My name is Arthur Castillo and I am running to be your next New Mexico State Treasurer. 

I am running for State Treasurer because I believe New Mexico’s future is bright and we must avoid the mistakes and failed leadership of the past. I am not a career politician; I am running to return the State Treasurer’s office to New Mexicans.

I am a native New Mexican and a proud Veteran, having served in the United States Navy.  

On day one, I will put my experience, leadership and dedication to work. I have served the State Treasurer’s office as Chief Finance Officer, from 2006-2009, and previously served as a former Paymaster and Grant Accountant for the City of Albuquerque and Grant Administrator for Rail and Public Transportation for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. My priorities for the Treasurer’s office are:  


✔ Protecting state funds, insure that the funds are available for proper distribution and to safely invest funds to get the highest return on investments.  

✔ Review prior year’s audits, knowing where the office stands regarding compliance with laws, statutes and regulations.  

✔ Being a strong advocate for New Mexicans on multiple boards and commissions.  


As your State Treasurer, I will work hard to protect our state’s bond rating, which will prevent higher taxes for hard working New Mexicans. I will strongly invest in our state, which will attract strong business growth and better schools for New Mexico.  


But I need your help.

Will you contribute $25 today and help us restore integrity, accountability and transparency to the State Treasurer’s office.